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Egypt Tours :

Egypt classical tours, Nile cruise, Cairo tours, Luxor trips  

luxor temple

When you visit Egypt looking for, Egypt classic tours, Egypt day tours, Egypt vacations, Egypt Excursions so you have many options to choose from,

our team in EgypTravel 4 You will help you to find the best choice for you.

We offer you historical tours, cultural trips, Red sea excursions and Desert Safari.

So just choose and we will do everything.

Cairo sightseeing :

With us visit all sightseeing in Cairo, pyramids, tombs, old churches, old mosques, and Walk on the Old markets and streets.

We will organize your tour by the best way you like to enjoy as possible as you can.

Luxor trips:

EgypTravel 4 you offer you a chance to visit Luxor to visit the west bank and the east bank of the city.

Kings Valley, the temple of Hatshepsut, the temple of Habu, Deir el Madina ..  etc

From Luxor drive by private car to visit the temple of Abydos dedicated to Osiris and the temple of Dandara dedicated to Hathor.

Nile cruise :

With Nile cruise, you will mix relaxing with the historical tours.

Start your tour from Cairo to visit the pyramids, Egyptian museum, Old churches, old mosques and Khan el Khalili then fly to Luxor to start the Nile cruise and sail to Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Aswan.

Cairo –Luxor– Red sea :

From Cairo start your tour in Cairo then transfer to Luxor for the Nile cruise finally enjoy and relax in the Red Sea ( Hurghada – Marsa Alam – Sharm el Shiek).

Mix Ancient Egyptian history, Coptic period, Islamic period, relaxing Nile cruise, and the magic of Red sea in one trip.

Start it from Cairo then Luxor, Aswan and finish it in the Red Sea ( Hurghada – Marsa Alam – Sharm el Shiek).