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Sphinx in Kom Ombo uncovered New Discovery , EgypTravel4You Info

Kom Ombo : The Egyptian archaeological mission working on the project of reducing the groundwater level in Kom Ombo temple in Aswan uncovered a Sandstone statue of a Sphinx. New Discovery: Dr. Mostafa Waziri General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities announced. He explains that the discovered statue most probably dates back to the Ptolemaic era as it was found in the south-eastern side of Kom Ombo temple, the same location where the two sandstone reliefs of King Ptolemy V were previously uncovered 2 months ago. On his part, Abdel Moneim Saeed, General Director of the Aswan Antiquities said that the mission will conduct more archaeological studies to know more information about the newly discovered Sphinx. He pointed that the two previously discovered reliefs date back to...
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Tomb From The Old Kingdom Now OPEN For Visits , Saqqara , EgyptTravel4You Info

The tomb of Mehu: In the area of Saqqara, in Egypt, has been restored and reopened to tourists. Mehu’s tomb, open to the public for the first time since its discovery in 1940, is considered one of the most beautiful tombs of Saqqara, where the famous stepped pyramid is also found. The Owner of The Tomb: Among the most important scenes restored at the behest of the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry, there are those with the owner of the tomb during the jungle hunting or fishing and others showing good harvesting, dancing, and acrobatic dance. The tomb is located 6 meters south of the south wall of the pyramidal complex of Zoser. “The tomb is one of the most beautiful in Saqqara Necropolis because it still keeps its vivid colors and distinguished scenes,” Minister of Antiquities...
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Tomb of Nefertari QV 66 one of the most beautiful tomb in all Egypt- EgypTravel4You Info

 Nefertari : The queen Nefertari (1295-1255) was the wife of the King Ramses II, her name Nefertari Merytmut, means (Beautiful companion, beloved of Mut). she married The great king Ramses II before became a pharaoh and she was the most important one of all wives of Ramses II. She died sometime during the 25th regnal rear of the reign of Ramesses and the reason for her death remains uncertain. Her Tomb in QV 66 in the Queens valley one of the most beautiful tombs ever made by the ancient Egyptian, her husband Ramses II built for her a very beautiful temple in Abu Simbel south of Aswan about 300 KM. Titles of Nefertari : Sweet of love, lady of grace, the great bride of the king-his beloved, lady of the Two Lands,  wife of Fort Toro, Also Ramesses called her She who the Sun shines. Tomb...
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Egypt: discoveries in Minya 2 funeral chambers of dignitaries of the XI dynasty , EgypTravel4You Info

The Egyptian-Australian archaeological mission of Macquarie University (Sydney), led by dr. Naguib Kanawati discovered the burial chambers of two characters from the Middle Kingdom elite named Ramushenty and Baqet II. The discovery took place during the cleaning work carried out inside the two tombs dug in the necropolis of Beni Hassan, in the governorate of el-Minya, in Middle Egypt. The archaeological area is famous for the burials of the governors of the name of the Orice, the XVI of Upper Egypt, whose capital was the ancient Hebenu. After a turbulent period, it is with the XI dynasty that the ancient Kemet finds its unity starting a historical phase particularly florida both at expansion and growth and innovation in art and culture. To give news of the discovery was the dott....
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