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Egypt Nile cruise: 

If you looking for relaxing tour mixed by history , sightseeing and daily life of local , so the Nile cruise will be the best choice .

Nile cruise Luxor – Aswan 4 nights :

You will start the cruise from luxor after your check in , you will visit West and east bank of luxor then you will sail to Edfu to visit the temple of Horus , then sail to Kom ombo to visit the temple of Sobek then sail to Aswan to visit the sightseeing of Aswan .The cruise full board .


Nile cruise Aswan – Luxor  3 nights :

You will start the cruise from Aswan to visit Sightseeing of the city then sailing to Kom ombo and Edfu , then sailing to Luxor to stop there to visit East and west bank of luxor .

Nile cruise Luxor – Aswan – Luxor   7 nights :

you will start the tour from luxor sailing to Edfu & Ko ombo and stop in Aswan then sail back to luxor

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