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Safaga excursion :

Safaga day tours

Tomb of Tutankhamon

We Help you to find the Best Safaga Day tours to visit Luxor from Safaga port.

discover Luxor in one day or two days tour from the port of Safaga, the valley of kings, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut temple, Luxor temple.

we will let you discover Egypt, feel the history and enjoy our luxury tours.

Valley of the Kings :

The ancient Egyptian used it for about 500 years to bury them, kings.

we discover in kings valley until now  64 tombs, we looking to discover another tomb in the future.

Karnak :

The complex of Karnak dedicated for the god Amon Ra, about 2000 years to built Karnak.

Every king ruled Egypt from the middle kingdom to the Greek-Roman period added something in Karnak to dedicate it to Amon Ra.

Luxor temple :

The temple was built by Amenhotep lll and Ramses II about 3 kilometers south of Karnak.

Hatshepsut temple :

the queen built her temple on the west bank of Luxor after she became a female pharaoh. the queen ruled Egypt for about 23 years.





Safaga Day Tour

Luxor two days excursion from Safaga Port

Safaga port – Luxor  : From Safaga port, we offer you,best Luxor day tours Safaga, Safaga port excursions, safaga trips, With EgyptTravel 4...
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Luxor one day excursion from Safaga Port

Safaga Port – Luxor : From outside cruise exit door, our Egyptologist will pick up you to Luxor,  hours, Safaga Port excursions, Luxor day...
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